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Most CPA firms bill clients by the hour. This practice imposes administrative and bureaucratic inefficiencies typical of companies that are too large to be managed effectively. These firms tend to lose direct personal connection with their clients. The final result is an absurdity: Accountants who can’t count what matters most.

Hourly rates result in clock-watching and inhibit clients from communicating with their primary tax and financial advisors. Hourly rates create clerical costs and paperwork which distract accountants from relating directly with their clients. Hourly rates are a mistake.

For these compelling reasons I never bill by the hour. Instead, all of my prices are based on flat fee quotes you can count on. This is consistent with my ideal of promoting long-term mutually beneficial relationships with my clients.



The Clarity and Simplicity of Flat Fee Billing

Some companies are notorious for luring customers in based on quoted low prices. Subsequently, once work has begun, these disreputable businesses pad the bill with “extras.” Beware of this.

When I quote a price you can rely upon it. I derive prices based on the complexity and quantity of work involved based on my 20 years of tax and accounting experience. If I get it wrong I absorb the loss. If circumstances change and you ask me to do new, additional work we will talk and agree on a new price. I believe fair and reasonable prices are the foundation of every successful business.

The point of flat fee billing is to remove risk to the customer. You give me work of fixed complexity and quantity and I evaluate what needs to be done and quote you a fixed fee. It’s that simple.



How Do I Succeed?

Some of my clients are skeptical about how I can succeed and make a living with flat fee billing. The answer is simple: When all knowledge and all decision-making are concentrated in the hands of a single qualified person breakthrough levels of efficiency and effectiveness become achievable. This is why my prices are so reasonable.

I have very low overhead and very low fixed costs. I don’t own a fancy building and I don’t have or need a large staff because I have “right-sized” my business based on the quality of life my wife and I want. Bigger is not always better because having employees creates entirely new challenges and costs for any business. And for these reasons I don’t accept every potential client.




My Standard Flat Fees

Please compare me to other firms. I am highly confident that after you visit the web sites of other accounting firms you will note how they do NOT post their prices. Is this an oversight on their part? I don’t think so and neither should you.

My standard prices are starting points and will be adjusted, as discussed above, based on complexity and special circumstances, if any. You and I will talk in detail as needed prior to agreeing on a fixed price.



Initial Consultation (Up to 1 hour)


Miscellaneous minor questions by phone or email


Simple Form 1040 (standard deduction, 3 or fewer W-2’s, and Efiled)


Complex Form 1040 (Itemized Deductions, 4 or fewer W-2’s, Efiled)


Simple S Corporation Form 1120S


Simple LLC or Partnership Return Form 1065


Simple Trust Tax Return Form 1041


Simple Monthly Bookkeeping with one bank account and up to 50 checks


Non-Profit Form 990-EZ


Non-Profit Form 990


Simple C Corporation Form 1120


Incorporation Services


All tax returns include federal and Maine forms. If you must file in additional states I will discuss with you in advance how this will affect the price.

I can offer these reasonable rates because of my hyper-efficient business processes and intense use of advanced IT resources. As a CPA and an MBA I am not aware of any competitors who can outmatch my combination of expertise, quality and reasonable prices. Because I am always trying to improve my business I ask that if you are aware of a better deal please let me know.



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