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The name of this website is Intelligence For RentSM. I choose this name deliberately to convey the power of radically better thinking. In every profession, at all times, and under all circumstances, better thinking means better results.

Intelligence Matters

The efficient and effective use of intelligence saves money, reduces taxes, prevents companies from jumping off a cliff and, in general, makes life easier and better by identifying risks and opportunities. Business intelligence is a critical success factor is today’s hyper-competitive environment. Intelligence is the only asset more liquid than cash, more valuable than gold, more important than past success. Its absence is a guarantee of failure. Its presence potentiates future success.Video button-2


20 Years of Experience

I have over 20 years of experience in my profession. Four of those years were spent working in the tax division of one of the Big Four national accounting firms. My employment there occurred immediately after finishing my undergraduate degree in accounting, and gave me the opportunity to work with some of the brightest and most talented individuals in tax and accounting practice. While I am proud of my accomplishments, I remain deeply grateful to my mentors and teachers without whom I would never have reached my present position. This website is the distillation of many years of experience, training, education, effort and real world learning.


S Corporations Can Save You Money

I specialize in S Corporations, a type of business entity with powerful tax advantages. This is a complex and evolving area of tax law with many opportunities and pitfalls. Helping you understand and take advantage of S corporations is one key way I can help you. This opportunity is so important to small Maine family businesses that I have another link on my site which discusses in greater detail what an S corporation can do for you.



Non-Profit Specialist

I also specialize in non-profit accounting and tax preparation. This is a unique area with its own rules and procedures. Non-profit accounting and taxation require specialized expertise unrelated to the skills applicable to business entities. The penalties and pitfalls of incompetence in this area of practice are steep. I service many non-profit organizations statewide and have many successful years of experience working with these types of entities.


Direct Personal Access To Me

But the most important way I can help you is by being personally available to you as needed. As a small Maine family business staff turnover at my firm is, by definition, zero. When you hire my firm you gain direct personal access to me. I become a resource of expertise and business knowledge at your disposal throughout the year. Larger firms use junior inexperienced employees who come and go and a non-trivial part of the fees you pay to them are, in fact, a kind of tuition. I have zero staff turnover and I personally handle all client engagements.



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