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Don’t Marry Your Accountant

Many people develop strong bonds of trust and loyalty with their accountants and professional
advisors. This is a wonderful thing. But the relationship you have with your accountant should
be primarily about serving your interests. Long-established relationships may result in
complacency. Is your accountant taking you for granted?

Make sure your best interests are being served. Make sure your accountant is competent and
highly motivated to serve your best interests. If this is not happening find a better accountant.

The choice of an accountant is a business decision. Always remember that money is hard to
come by in this world, and easy to lose. Accountants are supposed to be the guardians of your



Don’t Settle for Average

Beat the average, or the average will beat the heck out of you.


Few people would be excited to eat dinner at an average restaurant where their food is prepared
by an average chef and served by an average waitress.


Even fewer people would want to fly on a plane that was inspected and serviced by an average
aircraft mechanic and flown by an average pilot and an average air traffic controller.


And no one afflicted with a serious illness would seek treatment from an average doctor.


So why settle for an average CPA? Demand the best and get the best results.




Beware of Older CPA’s Who Can’t Afford to Retire

On this subject I will be blunt but fair. A CPA friend of mine who is in his seventies recently told me “he can’t afford to retire.” But he’s sick of working, his heart isn’t in it, he’s well past his prime, and he has already retired mentally even though he goes through the motions of working for his clients.

The truth is that he is a very sick man and I feel sorry for him and his circumstances. His clients are not aware of his situation. Because of the economic collapse of 2008 many older Americans, including CPA’s, have been forced to postpone or indefinitely delay their retirement. See: Postponing Retirement. This fact has negative consequences for older CPA’s, their clients, and younger CPA’s. Everyone suffers.

People who shouldn’t have to work anymore are forced to continue working. People who have earned and deserve the opportunity to work are denied it. And the quality of work performed is less than it should be.

The accounting and tax profession involves primarily mental work and requires the stamina, energy, and enthusiasm to keep up with new tax laws, changes to software, and ever-changing business conditions. Learning is hard work and requires robust mental effort and flexibility. Inertia won’t carry you far in my profession.

For this reason clients should be wary of older CPA’s who may have secretly retired mentally while still going through the motions. Postponing retirement may serve the financial needs of these older CPA’s but is unfair to the needs of their clients. Because I’ve reviewed the work of many, many older CPA’s I know for a fact this is an issue clients should be aware of.

But to be fair three other aspects must be considered. First, there are a few rare individuals who retain their abilities and even improve them as they get older. One prominent example is Jacques Barzun, one of the finest historians of the 20th century, who continues to write erudite, eloquent books after reaching the age of 100. I highly recommend his book “From Dawn to Decadence.” Barzun is a phenomenon:


Barzun At 100


Another famous example is Harold Bloom, an internationally recognized scholar of literature who has memorized thousands of poems and who remains mentally vigorous well into his eighties. And the great artist Picasso continued to produce extraordinary works into his eighties.

If your older CPA belongs in this group of exceptional individuals you would be crazy to even consider switching to someone else. You are fortunate to benefit from the accumulated wisdom and experience of such a person and should continue to do so as long as he or she is able to keep helping you.

Fairness requires consideration of another issue: Younger upstarts who have not yet proven their worth and who represent an unknown factor. Why should you give them a chance? It is prudent to be skeptical of the claims of younger individuals unless and until the day comes when they make their talent as obvious as the sun shining on a clear day. You’ll recognize the best and the brightest when you see them. Even the blind can feel the sun on their faces and know what part of the sky it is in.

Finally, fairness requires considering the problem of Mozart, one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. The tragic truth is that the world never gave Mozart the opportunity his genius deserved. An 18th century society corrupted by aristocracy delivered its verdict on poor Mozart: He was worth more to them dead than alive. The world turned its back on Mozart, but he freely choose to persist in his love for musicdespite all adversity.

Mozart died at age 35, broke, recognized but not rewarded for his extraordinary talent. We can only imagine what he might have achieved if society had given him the opportunity to live and practice his profession of music. While the extraordinary works of young Mozart will live on forever, the music of a mature, older Mozart doesn’t exist because he died before he could create it.

Choose carefully who you give opportunity to. Your decisions on this subject will have far-reaching consequences for both yourself, and others. Has your older CPA retired mentally and not told you of this important fact? What would it be like to live in a world where all opportunity was conferred solely on the basis of proven competence and talent? This would be a world where Mozart would live and prosper. We create our world every day through the cumulative effects of the decisions we make and don’t make:

The world you live in

Is your decision.

When Freedom is ruled by Wit

You can predict the future

by creating it.



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